The concept of artistry, particularly in its digital form, first struck me in 2005. I found myself intrigued by the power of programs like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Simple as my creations may have been in those days, it started me down a path of creative discovery. As I invested more time and energy into learning the ins and outs of these, and other programs, my interest level grew. I broadened my horizons into the fields of photography and videography and eventually found myself in college studying these hobbies as an art form. In 2009, I opened my first business, and although it wasn't directly related to digital arts, I viewed it as an art nonetheless. Claremont Barbershop had become my current creative expression and the skills I'd picked up along the way helped me to design the creative aspects of the business and market it effectively. I built my first website for my first business, and through it I found others who were in need of a quality web presence. My skills evolved into other aspects of Digital Artistry. 


I sold the Claremont mid 2016, along with the rest of my non-essential belongings, and set out to travel the world in search of anything interesting or visually appealing I could put through my lens. Deciding to fully invest myself into my passions, I built Freelance Digital Artistry as a nomadic form of employment and offered my skills in design to others. I've since, created remotely, brand development products for an array of customers and applications, and created satisfied clients along the way. Being a freelance grants me the ability to spend the time thats really required with each individual client to create their dream. It also allows me the freedom to perfect the skills I see most useful and beneficial, effectively providing my clients with a unique service, unprecedented by most other designers employed by firms and agencies with tight deadlines. I'm consistently improving my skills and product delivery methods, and would love the opportunity to create something amazing for you.


I provide a service fueled by my own passion and dedication. I'm skilled in graphic design in a manner that lends itself to most projects and all aspects of my work: logo design, brand literature and business cards, website design, social network management, photo+video, and things the like. I can also market and promote your product or brand, effectively increasing and improving your online presence. Let me know how I can help. 
Contact me or view my portfolio to learn more about the services I have to offer.  



I thoroughly enjoy my craft and believe my work displays this as an attribute. I never cease to approach your project with the same enthusiasm, dedication, creativity, and rigorous attention to detail as I'd expect someone to approach a project of my own. I  work closely with you to ensure your product is functional, capable, and the closest thing to your ideal as I can provide. I put in the extra hours, go that extra mile, to exceed your standards and expectations.